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About This Site

This is a simple website where we have made a collection of DIY craft tutorials. We put a lot of careful time into choosing our favorite stuff.

Our goal is to create the kind of collection that people will share and get excited about - and to encourage people to get creative and make things!

A quick disclaimer - this site is just a collection of things that we think are cool. We tried to do our best to choose quality, but we make no guarantees with regard to what you will achieve. Please be careful and observe safety procedures while working on art and crafts, and wear safety gear if handling materials or tools that require it. All projects are undertaken at your own risk and we disclaim responsibility for incidents that may occur as a result of using these tutorials.

Children should be supervised if creating anything on this website and we cannot guarantee that any of these tutorials are suitable for children.

Our content is all provided for free and the site is supported by advertising.

Many of our images use backgrounds that are licensed from

Thanks for investigating this site and we hope you enjoy your stay! Please tell your friends - and if you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact us using the email address provided!

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